Our Story

Located in the heart of Burgundy’s Côte d’Or, Château de Pommard is one of the oldest wine estates in the region and its 300-year-old chateau and clos is UNESCO-protected

Set within its boundary walls is the Clos Marey-Monge, a monopole regarded by experts across the ages as a geological marvel with its seven different terroirs. From these vines, the flagship cuvées of Château de Pommard are created.

Our Mission is to change the way consumers buy, drink and learn about wine by offering 100% organic and biodynamic wines, top quality tastings and professional wine education.

Guests from across the globe are guided by professionally qualified Wine Advisors to taste the purest expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from not only our clos but from other villages along Burgundy’s Route des Grands Crus. At our on-site wine school - École V - novice and experienced wine lovers alike can become WSET certified.

Our philosophy is to always maintain a hands-off approach and allow nature to remain in control, and while our vineyard team is invaluable, we entrust the vintage to do the talking. The seven distinct, but complementary, terroirs of Clos Marey-Monge are each hand-harvested, fermented, and aged separately, following a vinification process that employs as little human intervention as possible. It is only at the last possible moment that we step in and create a balanced blend of the seven plots.

Our team began the transformation of the domain into a fully biodynamic and sustainable vineyard in 2016. Use of systemic chemical products in the vineyard, such as pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, is strictly prohibited. We use only traditional composting methods in the form of sprays, composed of dynamized plants made from rainwater and natural materials. We also grow the plant materials we use for the preparations in our own gardens next to the Clos Marey-Monge.

The vineyard team rigorously follows the lunar calendar for such preparations and treatments to ensure the health and vitality of the grapes.

Following ancestral methods, soils are carefully tilled and plowed by horses to improve aeration and regeneration of the vegetal tissue, conducive to vine flourishing.

In 2020, four magnificent draught horses, housed in newly built stables in the clos, were added to the vineyard team as valued and beloved colleagues.

We have been certified AB Organic since 2019 and Demeter Biodynamic since 2021. Now it's up to you to taste the difference.